Give Engineers Their Time Back

Less Interviewing, More Hiring

The war for top emerging talent is real -- how will you compete?


According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, smart companies are committing the right resources to win great university talent. Each recruiting cycle, companies funnel substantial resources into sending engineers, business leaders, and even their CEOs to college campuses to woo talent before graduation in May.


The competition is heating up as students are increasingly drawn to larger brand-name tech titans, and lesser-known companies are often left scrambling for candidates.

Piazza’s annual Insights Survey shows that overall employer brand recognition does increase at schools where company executives speak, though it's most important to spike within your desired talent group, say, sophomores in Bioengineering or seniors in Computer Science. So..

How do engineers and business leaders ensure they connect with the right audience at the right schools?


In general, the high volume, event-based model is broken. This approach requires far too much time for business leaders, creating an interchange that is by default impersonal. Given the reactive nature (i.e. career fair) of how candidates become visible to brands, this interchange is often with only a small relative population of the best and brightest that a university has to offer. The alternative? Piazza Careers enables companies to precisely apply their engineering resources to the right candidates by giving employers full visibility into the entire population of top talent, from freshman year to PhD, and the ability to engage with them digitally and proactively to inspire their interest and passion for their employer brand.


A few years ago, this was a challenge. In the absence of a better alternative, companies would advertise through a school’s career center, hope the right students show up, then leave with a truck full of resumes from candidates of uncertain caliber to sift through. This was a gamble. Or they’d spend time and resources maintaining  relationships with professors. Both options sacrificed control, quality, and/or scalability.

Now, the most successful companies search for ideal candidates in Piazza Careers, launching laser-targeted campaigns to send personal invites at scale. Hiring managers can then can hold smaller events to ensure valuable face-time with pre-vetted, high caliber candidates. Imagine being able to find and communicate with top early talent from over 1,500 universities using hyper-specific criteria:

"Piazza, show me Computer Science majors who have TA’ed Advanced Machine Learning, are experts in Java, have been coding since high school, and are graduating in 2017 from MIT, Caltech, Stanford or Carnegie Mellon."

To illustrate this in action, Silicon Valley-based Medallia used to cast a wide net, driving high-volume recruiting cycles. This strategy was problematic because their candidate pool was simply too large and engineers were spending too much time interviewing and not enough time, well, engineering. As a result, Medallia opted to decrease its top of funnel while searching for the same high quality candidates. They did so using Piazza Careers’ intelligence to identify and send tailored messaging to great candidates before arriving on campus. The results speak for themselves: 

Medallia’s interview-to-hire ratio went from 12:1 to 3:1, saving an estimated 540 engineering hours each hiring cycle...

...Not to mention the dramatic reduction in overall resources sifting through resumes and a significant improvement in candidate experience.


Only Piazza Careers has the market intelligence to help companies identify and connect with the best talent before arriving on campus or setting up a virtual event. Piazza Careers has every student you look to hire because 1.8+ students, including 98% of CS majors at the top schools, spend 3 hours a night on our Piazza Q&A classroom discussion platform. Follow Medallia’s lead and take back valuable engineering hours with a level of campus recruiting efficiency possible like never before.

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