Recruiting ROI

The KPIs of Top Employers

Volume college recruiting, based on a campus event strategy, used to be the only game in town. Quantity, in the absence of a certainty of quality, became the standard. Interviewers and, more importantly, candidates suffer the consequences.

Now, with a data-centric strategy, this entire mindset is turned on its head. Volume is the enemy.


Every unqualified candidate you speak with is time and energy that could have been spent winning over a qualified candidate. Running with this further, every round of interviews that doesn't yield an offer is a massive headwind for the organization.

Using this new mindset, companies are changing the key performance indicators (KPIs) by which they measure their university team's effectiveness. The most common is measuring conversion rate of students that go through the interview process. Conversion rate in this case acts as a proxy for quality. Companies realize an increase in quality and a significant reduction in overall resources with Piazza and you should expect the same.


The most strategic companies have shifted to a sourcing strategy because they now have the transparency into the total population of student candidates through Piazza Careers. 

​Here are 3 steps to dramatically improve ROI by increasing quality over quantity:

  1. Pre-identify top talent

  2. Message ideal candidates

  3. Host small intimate events


When resources are aimed directly at the best candidates, success if threefold: hiring transformational talent, increasing quality throughput, and increasing efficiency by eliminating a scattershot events strategy.


With this personalized yet scalable approach, one of our top clients went from running a large-scale campus event with 700 attendees resulting in just 10 interviewees, to throwing a private event with 50 pre-selected great fit candidates.

That’s a 4x increase in pipeline quality, while decreasing unqualified candidates by 13x. 

This tech titan now successfully leverages Piazza Careers’ rich intelligence on the brightest young minds across 1,500 universities, giving them the unique ability to engage with only the best through our online platform where students spend hours a day.
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